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Perhaps Matt could explain to his readers how he would have answered these tricky questions

Nah!...bunnies like Matt have neither the wit nor the will to answer the real questions concerning their mythology!

They much prefer being told what to old kiddy fiddlers in dresses...they find that altogether far more pleasing and satisfying!...certainly the way it pans out the delusional presuppositions of Pell et al...took a rather nasty beating at the hands of rational logic...

Matt found that uncomfortable to the point of lashing out at RD because obviously RD won game set and match! Matt is reeling cos that is not the way it was supposed to go! The premise, if not conclusion, of the debate appears to de-construct katolik' dogma at source and an actual katolik' Cardinal stood by and watched while katolik' bullshite burned!!! the Cardinal actually gave the impression that all xian religion is based on metaphor and nonsense and is was therefore inflammable.

This is not what Matt wanted to hear! ...Matt is licking wounds and thinking that his very ego and reason for existence has been inexplicably catapulted into a world that has no time or interest in his mangy little soul!

Matt is a sad little soldier!

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