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This is an extraordinary article.

Mr. Matt is obviously an intelligent man who clearly spells out the essential components that underpin the Catholic faith. This is that Jesus's crucifiction and resurrection is only relevant if there is original sin and original sin requires and actual Mr. Adam and Mrs Eve. Everything else, heaven, miracles, hell, baptism, etc follows from that.

He then, correctly, points out that a belief in evolution, cannot be compatible with a Catholic worldview, because evolution does not have an actual Adam and Eve. Simply said:

Adam & Eve true than Catholic faith true


Evolution true than Catholic faith not true.

I have seldom read such an honest and straightforward article from a religious person who through the strength of his own argumentation totally demolishes the foundation of his own faith. .

Mr. Matt, you nearly are a full blooded atheist; just that last little step of acknowleging that evolution is true and welcome to our flock.

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