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This is not petty and small minded. We have a constitutional separation of church and state here and we (the secularists) expect this to be followed. Fire stations are totally supported by tax dollars and therefore we don't appreciate any endorsement of any religion on that property. The government is not allowed to favor any particular religion and when we see a cross or a star of David or any other religious symbol on public property then this is an endorsement of a religion that has been funded with tax money. The fire fighters are welcome to move the cross to their own private property however. It would be very ill advised for these constitutional violations to go unnoticed. Remember that the religionists have a strategy of death by a thousand paper cuts. The FFRF is doing a wonderful job for us here in the States.

Thank you FFRF for all of your hard work.

Fri, 27 Apr 2012 19:37:09 UTC | #937802