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In line with what LaurieB wrote, above, once the FFRF finds out about one of these situations, they pretty much have to send the take down letter. If they don't they can be accused of selective actions picking on specific communities. If the town says no, the next part is more subtle as both sides think over the costs of legal action. Having put the complaint in writing, the FFRF can keep making demands while spending their legal money elsewhere. As the town watches other places lose this kind of fight, they may quietly change their position and the question of how petty it is or not may never get to court. From the not-in-court tactical position, I think FFRF did the right thing to send the letter, even if it never gets past that point. (The town can always put a box over it to "preserve" it for historical reasons, and thus not have to move or take it down, and yet no longer be in violation by "display.")

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