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Let us look for a few seconds at the philosophy of historical philosophy:

Consider each historic culture and belief system a term in a geometric progression from the first humans till now.

Next consider the sum total of all of these terms and how they impact upon what can now be asserted as relevant and consistent.

We get masses of nothing very quickly from a whole load of something.

What is the residue amidst us all?

Frequently it amounts to significant doses of imaginary variables of those terms we already dismissed in the progression we just attempted.

This is very telling! Why do humans take imaginary variables (something from nothing) and insist on swathes of "story" to surround them with, as they have attempted and fashioned in large measure throughout history, as if this process alone were divine enough, and morally imperative, to merit all the variants history displays as of equal and valid submission in their own time and place?

Why are human brains prone to such utter arrogance to feel compelled to "story" upon humanity their claims to rights to insist how the rest of us ought to feel and think, minus our own brains engaging alternatives to their "cosmic claims" that includes us dismissing what they say as utterly inconsistent with any universal possibility? What cauterizes the humans mind against reason in this regard? What about each individuals own mind resists reason to an extent it cannot tolerate it?

I'm sure it's a potent mix of misinformation laden with emotionally charged trickery - in a self feed loop that registers loyalty as subservience to an inaccessible fiction! I charge this recipe as being responsible for enforcing upon ANY good person a great evil!

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