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If the article is to be trusted, then the action of FFRF is petty in the extreme. If you don't think it's petty I ask you to read about the Banyam Buddhas and the continuous destruction of Mecca, I am sure you will reach the conclusion that the above are examples of the criminal destruction of historic treasures by narrow minded superstitious theists.

This cross was not erected in the 6th century, nor does it have any particular aesthetic merit, but it is a piece of history and as such should be preserved in the location it was erected. This is not some proposed memorial or something that was thrown up last week, it has been there for 90 years. At the time when the memorial was erected, a cross was an appropriate symbol, if such a memorial were to be erected today it would more than likely be a statue of a fire fighter in some suitably heroic pose with a small plaque at the base. Do we really want to go down the road of erasing our culltural history? Do we want a year zero where monuments like Arlington Cemetery, the WW1 graveyards in France and nearly every pre 1950 military monument in Europe is torn up because the crosses on those monuments offend our secular sensibilities? I sincerely hope not!!

The battlegrounds are mental ones. I have visited many historical sites, particularly in the middle east and have yet to see a single Muslim embrace the ancient Greek pantheon upon visiting the Temple of Artemis or the ancient Egyptian pantheon on visiting the pyramids. We can encourage rejection of the maladies of theism without erasing our historical landscape like the medieval Christians, Wahabbi Muslims or the Cultural Revolition. I would much rather see a cross, crescent or star of David on the top of some old memorial in the middle of the street than hanging from the neck of a government officer or see a school teacher costumed in the fashion of a ninja.

In our rejection of the sacred we ought not to become champions of the profane, tearing down every building and burning every book that offends our philosophy. You can read the Bible or Quaran appreciating them as an ancient "American Psycho" with God replacing the central character and still not believe a word of them. If the FFRF wish to be taken seriously they should concentrate on educating people and fighting the real battles. This type of action presents them as politically correct fascists who are running out of causes to fight and drives a wedge between free thinkers.

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