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No it's not's worse than petty. It comes across as having all the hallmarks of fascist cultural cleansing, and frankly the sort of people who espouse this sort of thing are no friends of secularism and should get back to Stalinist Russia where they belong.

The fools who support such things could really do with a crash course in pragmatism. Not only do they come across as tiny minded and petty, but also as having a total inability to see the wider picture and the negative effect of their actions on the entire secular humanist endeavour.

Religion will not be overcome by laws, edicts, Constitutions, or whatever. It will be overcome....indeed become irrelevant....the day secular humanists can finally get together and start presenting a vision of a better world that appeals to the vast majority. And even then I suspect some semblance of religion will always remain. Petty squabbles over statues don't exactly present the start of the glorious secular endeavour in the best light.

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:03:15 UTC | #937985