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The destruction of the Buddhas by the Muslims was not done to establish a progressive secular society. It was done because Muslims do not tolerate the Buddhist idea of God. They also rail against the Hindu idea of multiple Gods. Both of these religions are classified as pagan. In the Koran these are the Kaffar. This is what gives authority to the fundamentalists to destroy them as objects of idol worshipping.

This example is the very opposite of what is going on here with the cross at the fire station.

Hello again Laurie,

In response I would say that both are driven by belief, the destruction of the Buddhas by religious belief and the request to remove the cross by the belief that the cross is in contradiction with the First Amendment, one could argue it does, but one could also argue that at the time of its construction that the cross was the accepted symbol of memorial at the time and was not erected as a symbol of endorsment. If my local government were about to erect a cross, crescent, star of David or a Goat in the middle of public land today I would be the first person raising objections. Sometimes we have to concentrate on the here and now rather than revising planning decisions 90 years ago.

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