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Comment 46 by Ignorant Amos :

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Petty, pathetic and handing not just ammunition but an entire arsenal to those who want to paint atheists as small-minded, unfeeling, immoral etc.

Please read Comment 2 by LaurieB & Comment 3 by Quine.

You are talking about the same American public that rate Atheists lower than a snakes belly and on a level with rapists, right? So we are already "small-minded, unfeeling, immoral etc.".

But this action makes even me, an atheist, think atheists are small-minded and petty. And judging by the comments here I'm not alone. Winning this battle with not aid FFRF in winning the war - if anything it will set it back if people on the cusp of coming out (in line with the current campaign) and joining the athist club decide it's not a club they want to be members of after all. This thing has been sitting in the car park of a provincial fire station for 91 years - who gives a crap? It's like they're fighting dead people.

Sun, 29 Apr 2012 06:50:59 UTC | #938107