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No I am not, but I can't resist writing you a little reply nevertheless. The web really makes amazing things possible. To have an exchange with someone from a completely different part of the world about a topic like this is amazing to me. So I am very glad that you posted your topic and that people from all over the world can answer. But how unspeakably sad it is that you have to be clandestine whilst I live a totally free life with my opinions. It is shocking to me that we are living in the same time and on the same planet, yet our human rights conditions are so different. If you have had the chance to see the recent documentary about Richard on "Beautiful Minds", there is a bit at the end where he says that wanting to share scientific knowledge with other people is like wanting to tell the whole world when you're in love. I can imagine you might feel a similar way. You understand something about human existence that is so important, and yet everyone around you seems blind to the truth. That little bit of freedom that you can call your own on the net is worth using and protecting. This forum seems relatively safe to me. If you hang out for a while, you will get to know the regular posters and catch from the occasional comment they make whether they are in a similar situation to yours. That way you can get an exchange in a more indirect way. If you stick to a few rules for yourself, e.g. not revealing personal data, you should be fine. Also, if you ever did post a comment that you get worried about later from a safety point of view, you could always write to the moderators and ask them to remove it. Of course, us comfy non believers in homelands of free expression, we fear greatly for someone like you. Stories of people who get arrested for just a small comment on facebook or the like are heartbreaking. My grandparents lived in a situation where they had to be very afraid of the authorities for political reasons. Their ground rule was never to say anything in front of their own children which could get them into trouble. Because a child is likely to, in the most inappropriate moment, repeat something that they have heard their parents say. Which basically resulted in the grandparents never ever speaking their mind. Not my idea of fun, but maybe good advice in your situation? In any case, I wish you good luck for your future life as an atheist. And that you may enjoy your time on this planet as best as possible and find ways to develop your potential within or maybe even beyond the boundaries of your society. many greetings from deb.

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