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Another cogent and powerful article by Katherine Stewart. Her point that religious fundamentalism rises as the poverty levels rise with the distance between the have and the have-nots increasing, is one that dare not be ignored. As governments pull back on social services, deny family planning, and divert funds from public (state-sponsored) education, religious fundamentalists see this as 'god's gift' to evangelizing children. Unfortunately, secularists too often stand-by mute and uninvolved.

This is a battle of perceptions, and too many people cannot see the danger of allowing clergy into schools - either as part of the school program or as after-school program. They fight dirty, we need to become more clever in our strategies and better at marketing for our cause. As Sean Faircloth has said in so many of his talks, we need to learn to tell stories on an emotional level - then we can start discussing the facts.

Katherine Stewart does lecture around the US, as does Sean Faircloth and me on these types of issues. RDFRS-US is ready to help you develop a grassroots movement to stop the intrusion of religion into our public schools and other public institutions. If you are interested, write to us at

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