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Indeed, poverty is another weakness that religion exploits.

I saw a news item on the BBC the other day, about child brides in Bangladesh. They are married off by their fathers because they are considered a financial burden on their families. The girls are first pestered in the streets by young boys, a tradition known as 'Eve teasing' which is otherwise known to us as 'sexual harassment' but these are children. When they get upset and bothered by this harassment and try to stand up for themselves, they're then bullied by groups of boys and threatened with acid being thrown in their face. When they go back to their families looking for help, they're then considered at the stage for marrying off, usually to richer elder relatives, rather than suffer more financial burdens.

What a horrific story, but it is all related to how those who are most vulnerable are exploited by religion, which keeps them in physical poverty by denying them decent education and liberal justice, while also keeping them in intellectual poverty. It makes me both angry and incredibly sad.

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