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Comment 133 by cynicaloptimistrealist :

2: The opponents of secularism and humanism are in the majority, not just in the, US but throughout the world. So sometimes it's best to fight the bigger battles in more liberal areas, thus winning more people over and isolating the more socially backward areas. After all the Westboro Baptist view on homosexuality wouldn't have been out of step 50 years ago, now they're so isolated that they have to resort to inbreeding, pretty soon they'll "evolve" a 6th finger which would make for amazing organ playing at their Sunday meetings.

Both the small and the big battles can be fought. And should be...

4: In taking a case you are relying on the legal interpretation, which is fraught with danger in a society where a large proportion of lawyers and judges hold superstitious beliefs, there examples are too numerous to mention where clearly incorrect legal decisions were made based on interpretation. I'm not sure if you've factored in the possibility of a publicity hungry wealthy evangelistic group setting up a well funded defense campaign backed by veterans groups and accompanied by the usual dirty publicity campaigns that such groups use to silence their opponents.

Always a danger, yes, but not taking it on will guarantee a win for the 'small stuff' for the religious by default...

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