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This sort of thing doesn't require chaplains. My six year old goes to an ordinary state school in the UK and only today came home professing a child like belief in god and jesus despite everything he knows to the contrary. It seems to be a common thing at this age, the "what do you believe in?" conversation goes around the school which, a child's mind is ill equipped to deal with. My attempts to tell him about Evolution the Big Bang and his love of all things astronomical would I suspect mean literally nothing to most kids.. and so the big man in the sky wins out for a while until the noisy self righteous offspring of the religious learn to shut the fuck up and read something other than bible's for babies. Luckily I know he doesn't really believe it and is just towing the party line because, sensing my slight annoyance he went on to tell me that he also believes that tiny babies can be born from our ears and that cockroaches never break wind.

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