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Comment 17 by SonofHades. Macropus, Julia Gillard is the leader of the government, not the entirety of the government. We are not governed by autocrats. That the system doesn't tolerate politicians who want to run the government like a deranged one-man band is why Rudd thankfully got the boot and Gillard got the job in the first place.

Very true, and I'm not saying that if Gillard were to take a stand against tax relief for religions or chaplains in public schools, the problem would be solved. I am lamenting the fact that we have a spineless prime minister who I suspect privately is in agreement with us about these things but will actually support the status quo to appease the right wing of her party and powerful (and wealthy) religious interests. In doing so, she is missing the opportunity to put these issues squarely on the political agenda.

You don't need to be a deranged one-man band to take a stand, however unsuccessfully, on issues like these. As for the mad monk, at least he doesn't pretend to be anything but a slave of the religious right. Neither did Rudd for that matter...

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