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Before this thread turns into a massive love-in for Ms MacBain, can I just ask if anyone else here thinks that this is a rather cruddy way for someone to deal with an issue like this? This lady says that she's an atheist. Not an agnostic; not having doubts about her calling: an atheist. As such, she should have resigned her post as soon as she realised she was one. To do otherwise shows a lack of respect for those she ministered to and who paid her salary. Because as much as we in the atheist 'community' may decry the people who attend churches, we're being disingenuous if we deny that the relationship between them and their pastors can have enormous significance in their lives. She says that she prays for the sick when she knows her prayers will be useless. Well, how will the family members of these people feel if their loved ones die and they discover that the individual they trusted to implore God's mercy on their behalf was faking it? Will they spend the rest of their lives blaming themselves for being taken in by a huckster?

I think this is a bit harsh. If Theresa lived in another secular country other than the USA [and the south to boot] I would say you possibly have a point. Reading the article it's clear she struggled with her consience over the issues you point out and came through with flying colours in my opinion. Praying and receiving a church salary while working through her atheism is hardly something to condemn..... she'd already given the church half her life...I for one have no problem if she received a few extra dollars from this institution while waiting for her "eureka" moment. As for the suggestion of fraudulant prayer surely that's a victimless "crime"? Yes I'm sure some people were horrified to discover prayers for their sick loved ones were muttered from a non believer but if they wish to believe that prayer works, despite the evidence, [pacebo cases aside] then that is their problem. People need a bit of leeway when changing world views. They need time to adjust and make sure that what they're going through is real. To do what she did in the southern states of America is a rare feat and one that hopefully will soon be commonplace.

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