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From reading many of the comments on the NPR page, and from #4 above, it seems many did not understand the sequence of events. Teresa became troubled with doubts that over time washed away her faith. This happens often, and some ministers just leave the same way ordinary people stop coming to church. However, because it is a job and walking away means a major life change, many ministers hang in for some time to make sure faith is not coming back. Some may be hypocrites, but some may also be trying not to make a big mistake.

Teresa knew she was sure when she summoned up the courage to get up in front of us and tell us her real name. Listening to her at the time, I got the impression that she intended to go back to Florida and exit her job. Perhaps she was wrong to think that she would get to tell her governing board before the news leaked out. However, when she was at AACon, she did not have the option of going back in time to set things in proper motion; it was just happening as it was happening. Unfortunately, I think that caused some of the folks back in Florida to think that she had intended to come back and keep the secret so as to keep getting paid. The relief of not having to go back and preach what she did not believe was so clear in what she said, that I cannot believe she was going back to continue that job.

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