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          [Andrew B.]         :

                 Re: Comment 2 by Sliver69 and Comment 4 by katy Cordeth-Do you have any idea how difficult it is to start over with new friends and a new life, let alone find a new job and acquire new job skills later in life?  I find your comments to be unimaginative and rather foolish.  Put yourself in her place and see if you get a better idea of what she is going through before you just say something so profoundly naive as "well stop being everything you've become over the last several decades and start over from scratch.  There, problem solved!"

Yes I do know how difficult it is to start over with new friends and a new life and a new job because I've had to do it. I did put myself in her place and from my own experience of a similar situation I gave my honest response, I stand by that response 100%.

Maybe you should be less judgemental of others before you start going on a moral crusade against people like me, who you clearly know nothing about but have the arrogance to assume things about me none the less.

Lots of Love Sliver69

Tue, 01 May 2012 17:04:37 UTC | #938735