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Well Andrew B.

You are entitled to interpret my posts anyway you like. I respectfully disagree with how you are trying to paint me though.

Back on Topic, something that I feel I should have added in my first post is this. Living a lie like Teresa MacBain has been doing is not only asinine and hypocritical but also rather cowardly. These are not criticisms of her as a person but on her method of dealing with her predicament. I understand such a transistion is huge for many people and difficult. I just know from my own life that it's much less painful all around to act swiftly on such things. I always despair when I listen to homosexuals for example who lived in the closet for years/decades before having the courage to come out. Once out, they seem to say the same thing. They wished they'd done it years ago. Living a life of duplicity, you may think you are fooling people, but really you are only fooling yourself.

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