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Back on Topic, something that I feel I should have added in my first post is this. Living a lie like Teresa MacBain has been doing is not only asinine and hypocritical but also rather cowardly. These are not criticisms of her as a person but on her method of dealing with her predicament. I understand such a transistion is huge for many people and difficult. I just know from my own life that it's much less painful all around to act swiftly on such things. I always despair when I listen to homosexuals for example who lived in the closet for years/decades before having the courage to come out. Once out, they seem to say the same thing. They wished they'd done it years ago. Living a life of duplicity, you may think you are fooling people, but really you are only fooling yourself.

I disagree, people are incredibly different in all aspects of life and the pace of changing ones world view is personal. You claim to be not criticising the person but rather the method of changing her life? What you're failing to grasp is the method we choose is a reflection of who we are, in other words, Teresa realised her atheism at the right time and pace for her.

Instead of describing her actions as cowardly or hypocritical or describe her transition as "living a lie" maybe you could take a step back, put yourself in her shoes and be a little more understanding and a little less judgemental.

What this woman has done [if I could paraphrase NASA] is not only a huge step in her life but ultimately....if we see a snowball effect.... a huge step for the human species.

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