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Comment 9 by MsChelle :

Anyway, I have seen many life-long church members, agnostics, and atheist display apathy and hatred toward those who are not like them. So, I don't think it is necessarily something based upon a person's level of religious belief. Compassion is something that I think we all feel should just come naturally, but may actually be more influenced by what others teach us, rather than how we should naturally react.

So, because there are un-compassionate believers and non-believers, I think that it's more a matter of being less compassionate because you've been taught to be that way, rather than being less compassionate because you are deeply devout in your religious beliefs.

The difference between your conclusion, and that of the article above, is that your opinion is based on only limited and personal anecdotal experience, whereas the latter is a scientifically controlled experiment using much larger samples of the religious and non-religious populations..

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