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The more airtime Sean Faircloth gets, the more damage he does to the religious political agenda. So no surprise that the radio presenter tried to cut Sean short time and time again (including covering his talk with music crap, talking over him again and again and fading him out over and over again) and then at the very end he is not allowed to respond to Feser.

These kind of radio shows, like most religious shows, are not open intellectual rational spaces, but forms of propaganda and control. Every comment is designed strategically to divide and discredit the opponent (usually falsely or fallaciously), while defending the ideals they wish to promote. It's a sickening kind of public broadcast, but people continue on listening to this crap.

In my opinion, these kind of apologetic propaganda stations are a disgrace, and the best thing is to stay away from them unless you're highly skilled in public speaking like Faircloth or Dawkins. I could not keep my cool while talking to people who defend such immorality, and don't care at all about doing so. These people are rhetorical experts on propaganda and manipulation, and not experts in reason and truth.

Wed, 02 May 2012 17:10:17 UTC | #939066