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I like Sean. I liked seeing his short discussions on this website, and sometimes he has some very original ideas. I recently read his book, and I enjoyed that, too.

However, I don't like this clip... not even slightly. Patrick Coffin, even if you disagree with him (as I'm sure most of us do), is pretty fair. His point about Attack of the Theocrats being mutually exclusive with Sean's claim that he had nothing against theists was right on, and a very short interjection after letting Sean go on for quite a while. Patrick kept asking for a question, and Sean could've even stayed on point with a question such as "where is the evidence for your assertion that the New Atheists are loudmouth ignoramuses"? or replying to the attack on RD for not debating WLC with something other than ad hominem against WLC. RD has given replies to this question along the lines of "I have nothing to gain but plenty to lose from a debate" but this was not voiced. And it's perfectly alright for Patrick to cut Sean off for commercials --- in radio these commercial breaks are regularly paced and non-negotiable.

And worse than the clip is the confirmation bias seen here in the comments. I understand that we want atheism to win every battle against theism, but we don't win by default just because we're the more rational or logical position... our arguments still have to be well-defended. If we self-justify every weak argument, we'll never improve. We still have to apply critical thinking to our own arguments and not set up any double-standards that prevent us from seeing our weaknesses.

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