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We just had this article last week, but there is more information.

Behavioral and economic theories have long maintained that actions are chosen so as to minimize demands for exertion or work, a principle sometimes referred to as the law of less work. The data supporting this idea pertain almost entirely to demands for physical effort. However, the same minimization principle has often been assumed also to apply to cognitive demand.


Together, the results of these experiments revealed a bias in favor of the less demanding course of action.

Just as we suspected. 100,100,100

The law of less work - Now there is a spiritual principle if I ever heard one. It could be added to the law of attraction, law of abundance, and laws of prosperity. It will sell really big in new age circles. They are already saying something similar so they can now justify their sales of books, DVDs and other materials.

Anyone willing to buy the results? At this point this article doesn't clear up some of the concerns we had about number of people tested, etc.

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