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Comment 10 by Premiseless :

Maybe more accurately:

How critical thinkers lose their faith in their own emotions having universal agency.

Are emotions being discussed in this study? Perhaps to a certain extent. I would think that this study has more to do with habits or doing what is easiest.

How do you suppress your own emotions so as not to influence your own reasons for and against what might benefit or antagonise you?

This is a good question for an atheist on a diet.

Regarding the intuition definition: Any legitimate thought processes that fall under the descriptive word of "intuition" need to have a separate word. Intuition has too many woo definitions.

Am so, and spotted the grammar mistake.

Lots of grammar and punctuation mistakes in that post. I assume it's easier for you to focus on the fatty parts even though there is a perfectly good cut of meat on the table.

comment 14: Did you see Hirst's realism? He has shown that he has skill, but the work is baaad.
There is actually more money in realism, for more people. You can actually make a good middle-classed to upper middle-classed income. Getting to the level of "superstar" with all the perks, is easier to achieve taking Hirst's road rather than the Richard Schmid road.

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