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comment one by QCAT Again. Could someone please define INTUITION? Really, what exactly is it? By not defining "intuition" it gets away with being a legitimate state of woo

I think this is just what we think we know about a person or situation without direct evidence. An emotional response rather than data response

Can one completely separate critical thinking from emotional intuitive thinking?

Imagine you are reviewing two articles one written by a famous scientist and one by someone you have never heard of.

You may have good reason to be primed to be impressed before you open the paper on the famous scientist, previous papers you have read or interviews you have seen them in but your feelings before you look at the detail should not come into it.

I read an article by RD on juries , I disagreed on some of the points but felt strange about it – my intuitive response was “You are going to agree with this article because RD wrote it.”

I think you have really train yourself to divorce the two mindsets/ thinking sets

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