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I was listening to an old podcast today and guess what topic covered? Daniel Kahneman was brought up in the discussion and his book Thinking Fast & Slow was mentioned by the guest Robert Carroll.

System 1 thinking: is described as instinctual, immediate, needing little stimulus

System 2 thinking: reflective and critical.

Yes Premisless, this study is more like meatloaf and not steak, but it is worth pursuing further.

This is a good question for an atheist on a diet.

Anyone, atheist or theist. Global problem!!!

Yes exactly my point. To be disillusioned into thinking we are more rational at all times is an empty game.

The other problem is that human evolution has opened up possibilities, and this species can create environments that it itself cannot adapt to, at least not quickly enough.

Agree. Personal relationships alone are challenging enough.

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