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I hate the cross. It should go. Maybe this letter was intended as a ridiculous starting point for mediation, with a view to a compromise of removing the cross (which is quite right) but if people seriously want to move a small monument of historical value, for no good reason, then it is too silly. So, Schrodinger's Cat is the voice of reason on this thread.

I'd see myself as a pragmatist first and atheist second. We should not be doing things, or taking any actions, simply because we can do them.......but instead following what I would see as a policy of 'least harm'. By that I mean, will our actions and policies generally make people happier or unhappier. After all, that is all that really matters. The universe is not going to be handing out 'Most dedicated atheist ' medals any time soon......or indeed ever.

Exactly that. I would add to that the mockery we, rightly, heap upon theists of all stripes who bleat about being oppressed and their sensibilities being offended over some peritinent criticism or, more commonly, some overblown, imagined slight, how we laugh, how strong is their belief if they can't even take a cartoon or whatever? Don't you think they are saying exactly the same about this?

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