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Comment 27 by oeditor :

I'm not so sure about difficult font = critical thinking. By that reckoning, anyone who could read in the Middle Ages would have automatically become an atheist. Conversely, anyone using Comic Sans would end up being mocked on Pharyngula!

It is not difficult font = critical thinking. It is difficult font = slowed reading. Uncial is not as complex as you think. There are plenty more elaborate fonts today. Long ago, if people were limited to a small handful of font styles, they would easily recognize the letter form. I asked someone Chinese how she could read (without bifocals or a magnifying glass) a tiny Chinese character which had several small and very thin lines. She responded that it was basic recognition of the form. We do the same thing whether we realize it or not.

Where I live there are some spiders which won't kill an adult but whose bite can cause quite significant loss tissue requiring grafts to repair. I saw one of these in the garden just last weekend.

Brown recluse? I love spiders, except this one I fear.

comment 29: Sounds good. I need to add it to my list.

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