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Comment 11 by Chomolungma :

The Mayan 2012 prophecy provides an opportunity for rationalists. When the world fails to end in December, and in fact nothing at all noteworthy happens, there will be a lot of disillusioned New Agey types ripe for abandoning their woo-woo beliefs. Perhaps some kind of "don't you feel silly now?" media blitz can be prepared in advance for the weeks after it is supposed to happen.


I've been thinking this all along. We need to capitalize on this. When the world continues and everything is the same we have a rare opportunity to ride the wave of sensibility a lot of people will feel after being flat out proven wrong. Hopefully they simply move on and give up, but history seems to go the other way. They simply "recalculate", like a trekker speaking into their make believe transponder. Notice, no calculation has been done and yet they come up with a new distant date so they can gather credulousness over time.

Time heals all wounds, even gaping holes in your logic. People will forget they were wrong just like they forgot what and how much they drank last night before they blacked out.

So, yes, let's use this and make campaigns specifically aimed at this sort of crisis.

We can have something about 'the morning after' in reference to the a hard night of drinking. They should be able to relate.

"You know what it's like to stay out all night, ignore responsibilities and get hammered, right? But what about the day after?"

And show any number of millions of photos of drunk people, hugging porcelain.

"You know you're wrong and you'll regret it"

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