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Jon Stewart had some right wing christian on his show this week and he (the xian) told a story about a little boy being grabbed up by the scruff of his neck by a teacher because he (the little boy) was praying over his lunch.**

He (I think his name was Barton) seemed outraged by this. I couldn't help but think that what he really wants is more like what is happening in this story in Indonesia. People that don't agree with him need to be hauled off to jail. Little kids that don't believe in his god need to be grabbed up by the scruff of the neck. I was very disappointed in Jon's responses and questions of this man. I know he was trying to be funny in some of what he said, but it wasn't funny. These kind of people are dangerous and no one hates America's first amendment and free speech more than these people because it keeps them from doing what has been done Indonesia.

**And, I've since seen some people have posted that this story isn't even true or at least was taken waaaay out of context.

Barton is the forefront of the movement by the Christian right to engage in historical revisionism to pretend the US was intended to be a Christian Nation and that the notion of separation of church and state is some sort of new liberal invention that wasn't originally there. The book he was peddling on the show was a part of this movement - a book lying about Thomas Jefferson. This movement is also behind the attempts to get this bullshit into Texas state curricula which would then mean textbook manufacturers would have to cave in to it in order to be profitable. What the Discovery Institute does to the field of biology, this asshole does to the field of History.

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