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← Cardinal Brady will not resign over 'abuse failure'

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There are now so many facets to this latest Church debacle that it's becoming difficult to keep up. But some of the more important points to grasp:

  • Cardinal Brady has been interviewed numerous times in recent years regarding the crimes of Brendan Smyth and specifically regarding the 1975 secret interviews with the young victims. In all that time, the information which has just come to light this week that Brady was given names and addresses of other potential victims has never been provided by Brady; when it is glaringly obvious how relevant and important that information is. It is a lie of omission, a lie nonetheless, and it is clear evidence that Brady and many others with this information in the Church hierarchy continue to this day to lie to the authorities; despite all the public bluster about openness and transparency. The Church has crystallized in this case its inherent incapacity to be remorseful for its sins, and how it's ultimate concerns towards self-preservation are paramount above the innocence and suffering of sexually abused children and their families.

  • The statement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith this week that Brady has no case to answer in relation to his handling of the accusations of sexual abuse cases involving Brendan Smyth, could not have provided a more illustrative contrast between the inherent decency, morality and empathy of good people towards each other, and the corrupting influence religious institutions can have on the human spirit. Nowhere in the responses this week has Brady or the Church acknowledged a responsibility of human solidarity beyond the rules and regulations of their institution and for the well-being of others; abused children and their families in this case.

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