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Way too long to keep my interest unfortunately. From what I read it seems to lump people into categories. Blacks, whites, thiests, athiests. Putting people into categories, separating ourselves into different religeous and social groups is a very large part of why history has taken the course that it has right up until this moment. And it's not just black people, of course, who suffer as a result. I am an athiest. I believe in being kind to every man and woman. I live my life to a much higher moral code than most of the religeous people I see around me in society. My friends are my friends because they are good, honest, kind and trustworthy people. They come from many different cultures and ethnicities. Some belong to a religion and some not. I see a world where one person struggles against the next because of differing beliefs or because one is black and one is white. I feel quite sick that I live in a world where the differences in people are something to be afraid of rather than rejoiced and valued. I am an athiest. What is wrong with the way I view the world and what is wrong with the way I live my life? I am honest. I don't steal. I don't covet another mans wife. I am faithful to my own wife. I am polite. Well mannered. Friendly. I treat everyone the same and believe if everyone bahaved the same way that I do, these kind of topics would not need to be written. Please don't think you can speak for all athiests, simply by throwing us all into one pot. People behave badly all over the world in every country. Man to his wife. One town member to another. One religion to another. There are many excuses for why people behave so baldy. Colour is just one of them. Spend less time categorizing people and get everyone else to do the same, and look at every new person you meet as a blank sheet of paper to be coloured in by all the new and wonderful things this new person will bring into yur life. By grouping masses of people like you do in your essay, you are part of the problem.

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