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I read the entire article, and I do have some problems with particular points, especially the idea that Dawkins is somehow to blame for slavery.

But the biggest problem is the term "atheist". I'm afraid the word does not form the foundation of anything at all, other than saying I don't believe in God or gods. We really need a better word to use in order to get across the actual foundation for shared our political and ethical goals.

I have a simple word that could solve this problem. It's called "egalitarian". An egalitarian believes in equality, and that best describes our goals for the removal of religious privilege, while promoting secularism, equal (or human) rights, democracy and other such values.

Thus, we can distinguish between egalitarian atheists and non egalitarian atheists. Egalitarian atheists (which I suppose includes the majority of freethinker atheists here) then have shared goals with most of the feminists, the lesbian and gay movement, the anti-racist movements and many others.

Acknowledging equality as a rational basis for our ethical and political goals, allows us to form coherent arguments and shared focused goals.

Until we recognize a shared ethical philosophy. I'm afraid we're destined for misunderstanding, endless division and incoherence.

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