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Not that my opinion amounts to much, but this was the best I have seen from Faircloth. He didn't sound (well, maybe just a little- but better) as much like a professional politician as I have seen in the past.

Most importantly, he repeatedly coupled the 'reason' mantra with compassion. It is the compassion issue we must usurp from the fundies above all else. We seem to have it for everyone while the fundies are quite selective (unlike their nominal savior Jebus) in just whom they choose worthy of help.

They must be painted as they are- cold-hearted, greedy and self-interested- nothing at all like the fictional god-son they claim as their authority. If their rapture comes, I think they'll be surprised at where the bus drops them off.

Sat, 05 May 2012 03:42:43 UTC | #939830