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Fuck me, that was hard work, Anthony.

It's smacks of pettiness, I know, to complain about spelling and grammar in this day and age, but hey, if I was about to press 'send' I would, and I do, give it the once over. Possibly get the little wifey out of the kitchen to give it a glance, too?

I am aware, however, on occasion, it is appropriate to ignore the spell-check and concentrate solely on the word-count - first year humanities essays demanding a minimum of 4,350 words that have to be in by 5:30pm spring to mind - but this was always reflected in the pitifully low mark because of its negative effect on content.

Perhaps Anthony was given a deadline?

Either way I'd be pushed to give this a 2:2 - and that on the basis that I saw a big improvement in the next assignment.

My notes would read:

Anthony, cut the chaff, get to the point. Do not use twelve words when one would do. Do not use long words when shorter ones will do (word-count will not distinguish - and neither will I). Do not obfuscate. Be clear. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do not repeat yourself. Please read: "Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" before your next assignment. If your conclusion is based on recommendations in social policy then please give some examples. If your outcome is to make reparations to a victimised group how is that reparation percieved by other groups in similar socio-economic situations? Are there examples where this has worked - or failed? Can you say anything new, here? Is there any evidence?

Finally, there are two well-known elephants in your room - universality, and gender. You have mentioned neither. Why?


Second thoughts? Just read it again: Fuck the 2:2 - re-scrub!

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