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An interfaith effort is in the works


This is not an "interfaith" effort. If religion has nothing to do with it then this is a SECULAR effort to stand up against homophobic child abuse. Atheists do not have faith, and thus do not march under "interfaith" banners. Secularism is what both we and the religious want here, that is the banner we march under together.

"Interfaith" is one of those pathetic weaselly nonsense words that attempts to promote religion as valuable just for being religion. "Faith" is the enemy. Faith is belief without evidence. There is nothing good or noble or worthwhile about faith, and it is not a tent in which atheists should feel comfortable working.

Opposing homophobic child abuse from under the banner of faith is like opposing corporate greed from under the banner of far-right politics - it strikes at the symptom while legitimising the cause.

Sat, 05 May 2012 19:11:45 UTC | #939951