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Comment 17 by katy Cordeth :

Comment 6 by cheesedoff17 :

He will probably turn out to be gay himself like most of the other homophobes.

Eww, I just got the mental image of him and Pastor Fred with a tube of lube. Oh great, now Rick Santorum's shown up. Thank you very much, cheesedoff.

What does the creep's wife have to say on the matter? If he's consistent, I'm guessing not much. As we know here in England from our own closet case Stephen Green, these guys often get their day-to-day exercise from using their wives as punching bags.

If any of our Christian brethren and sistren (?) are lurking here after suddenly finding themselves our bedfellows (saucy suggestion intended), come over to the right team. You know you want to. We have cookies!

His homophobia is probably exacerbated by the self-esteem issues he has from his half-inch wang.

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