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← Protest against the “Punch your gay kids” Pastor – Sean Harris.

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It is important that the parishoners and church leaders understand how dangerous Sean Harris is. I hope this argument might help some persuade the parishoners. I have no way to reach the protesters. I hope someone can help be get this argument to them.

It shows that the church elders must not tolerate this speech even if they believe everything Sean Harris says about it: that it was a joke, that gay marriage is wrong, etc. This speech will be heard by many unstable listeners who might feel the urge to act on it.

Please help me get this argument to the protesters and, ultimately, to the church elders and the parishoners.

Lee Tilson

When kids play with matches, you take away the matchbox. Sean Harris knew that his speech was being recorded to be broadcast over the internet. Unstable listeners have access. Urging them to direct violence towards gays is just as irresponsible, and far more dangerous, than playing with matches. Sean Harris betrayed the Golden Rule, the teachings of Jesus, the Ten Commandments, the Bible and the core principles of Christianity. How the church leaders deal with this betrayal defines the church's values. If the leaders are serious about those values, it must take away this podium. His actions as irresponsible as children playing with matches, and far more dangerous.

If the church fails to take it away, that says that the church does not take any of its values seriously. To let a leader abuse the pulpit, violate the core values of the church, while urging violence against gays proves that the church does not care about the core values of Christianity.

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