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Once you scrape the delusion off things get better from that point on. I still remember a strange occurrence in my life and it connects roughly to this story of a pastor loosing his faith. The family pastor of my youth and adulthood, the man who baptized me, came to me while I was still in the delusion and expressed his opinion that he had lost his faith. I tried to comfort him and suggest materials that would bolster his wavering. This admission occurred decades ago. How ludicrous that I became an adamant atheist these many years later on my own discovery path. I doubt that I changed his mind and I am fairly certain he maintained his opinion that is was all bullshit and was only coming clean to someone he felt he had affected. He is passed away now but I feel he got out clean most likely. Religion and faith in the invisible monkey is total horse shit and the greatest affliction that mankind has suffered. When it finally dies the healing will begin.

Mon, 07 May 2012 07:05:18 UTC | #940253