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I'm still none the wiser as to why so many Christians are hostile to evolution and the idea of an old universe*. Mike Aus is obviously a very smart guy, and his article gets under the skin of why evolutionary theory puts not only the final coffin nail into religion but all the other nails as well. But I don't think it can be denied that most of the rank and file in, particularly, evangelical churches are not as smart as he is; have never read Darwin or Dawkins; and probably know very little about carbon dating and astrophysics.

So from this point of relative ignorance, evolution could be worked into their religion. It could be the way God chose to put the world together. And yet they've chosen instead to cling limpet-like to their literal interpretation of the Bible, paving the way for creation scientists who pervert the ideals of science by manipulating the facts to fit the theory rather than the other way round, and jumping through ever-decreasing hoops to do so. Could this be why evangelicals always seem so filled with rage? Because they know that they've thrown their lot in with a bunch of con artists?

I'd classify myself as about a six on the Dawkins scale: I'm certain that God isn't real, but I can't prove it. But what I do know with absolute certainty is that if God does exist and made us and every other organism on Earth, then the method he used was evolution.

Evangelicals embrace science in every other aspect of their lives: most of them use internal combustion technology, have televisions and i-pods; they employ modern medicine and pharmacology - apart from contraception of course. If we could only get them to drop this intelligent design nonsense and show them that evolution isn't the boogeyman they've been led to believe it is, then their minds might really begin to open to the true beauty of the universe.

All in all, though, a very good article. I give it....four satans out of five.

*I don't buy the final two lines at all.

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