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Christianity ought to be understood as systematic brainwashing involving obedience, authority and ignorance, rather than the beliefs themselves as being central to it. We (atheists) are constantly attacking the beliefs as if they are the origin of religion, when it is the coercive institutions and communities that create religion.

We can see that clergy at the top are as oppressed and trapped as those at the bottom, unable to really express their real selves, or thoughts and feelings. Breaking free requires an existential overcoming of obedience.

What evolution does is offer an alternate authority, the authority of science, to challenge the authority of Christian institutions. Why are Christian (or other religions) institutions so anti-science? Because the authority of science will destroy them. Sinister institutions like Templeton try to destroy science from the inside, by trying to mix religious authority with scientific authority.

So it really is not about evolutionary theory itself, as a persuasive force, but the institution of science and its authority that destroys the authority of Christianity.

Of course, science is not an institution of obedience, and the understanding and knowledge it gives us are tools of freedom.

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