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Thanks, Mike. A really nice and enjoyable read.

Jesus came just two thousand years ago. What took him so long to show up? Humans must not have needed salvation all that badly if he left them without it for 198,000 years or so.

He meant to get there earlier. The traffic was terrible - apparently.

There is knowing and not knowing, and those are the only two options in this world. Religion, even “enlightened” liberal religion, is generally not interested in the facts on the ground. Religion is really not about “knowing” anything; it is about speculation not based on reality.

Loved this para'. I can picture Jesus sat on a rock surrounded by young expectant, beaming children. Jesus utters the immortal words "There is knowing and not knowing..." In his left hand is a book. The title visible: 'On the Origin of Species'

It took me a long time but when I finally came to appreciate the explanatory power of Darwin’s theory, I could no longer claim that it was irrelevant to religion. Evolution impacts everything. I have traded Mount Calvary for Mount Improbable, and life is now a far more interesting journey.

Isn't it just. I laugh when the religious tell me how unfortunate I am not to have faith for how, without faith, can one have spirituality?


Isn't knowing just simply wonderful!

Thanks again, Mike.


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