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Comment 40 by DanDare :

I thought inciting violence was a crime in the US? People have phoned the police about this but nothing has happened? Will nothing happen?

I'd suggest an on-line petition to get the police to act, but somehow I don't think they will. They are probably as religious as Harris is and are unlikely to act unless forced by enough complaints. People attracted to authority roles tend to be hostile to those who are different, like gay people. We know this from the research. Sadly it also tends to lead to lower IQs too, which means they are unlikely to see the consequences.

If you want an example this is Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward, who is a famous actor in her own right and reads beautifully, reading from the God Delusion. They give an example of police acting stupidly and ignorantly in favour of a snake oil salesman type faith healer.

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