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I try to make them see when they are using double standards. For example: if something as wonderful as God doesn't need any explanation, why do the less wonderful things theists explain with God do need an explanation.

A hypothetical discussion:

Theist: A friend of a friend was paralyzed. He prayed from God he would be healed. The next morning he woke up and was able to move again. It must have been God.

Me: You're explaining something wonderful with something even more wonderful. What is the explanation for God?

Theist: God doesn't need an explanation. God just is the way he is.

Me: So if by your admission there are truly wonderful and baffling things that don't need explanation, why doesn't this apply to the miraculous event that happened to the friend of your friend? Why can't we say "it just happened" and doesn't need any explanation?

If they see the double standard here, their argument will have been destroyed.

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