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As others have rightly said, this is a beautifully-written piece (perhaps inspired by some of Dawko's beautifully-written prose?).

Religion doesn't stand up to close examination because it's based on wishful thinking. In Richard's recent exchange with Cardinal Pell, the Catholic cleric explained why he thinks hell exists. Because otherwise, he argued, Hitler would just have got away with it. Far better to imagine he's being tortured after death.

A rationalist would note that Pell was only elucidating his opinion, and we were invited to believe him because of his authority (a high-ranking Catholic). His opinion is based on what he personally wishes was the case. You would seriously have to be religious to find that a credible argument for anything.

Well done Mike Aus, the author of this piece, for breaking free of that sort of non-thinking.

Tue, 08 May 2012 13:01:52 UTC | #940529