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I personally do not think the establishment clause was ever intended to prevent local authorities acting at their own discretion.

Well, that's your personal opinion then.

No....I'm just someone who thinks that political power should rest with the people and their immediate representatives....

The 'people' means everyone, not just the majority. You can have tyranny of several kinds: A dictator, an oligarchy or the majority. The majority can't force their beliefs on others, or that would be a tyranny.

Enlightenment values, on which the American constitution is based--possibly by accident more than wisdom--is meant to protect every citizen from tyranny. They're values based on reason and then written down in a less than perfect constitutional form.

But as you and I know, the majority of people are not rational. They are therefore represented by the supposed 'rational guardians' or their political representatives instead. If these are 'corrupted' as they surely are by now, then democracy is in real trouble. Hence the need to fight against tyranny by fighting all forms of inequality, including religious privilege, no matter how small or petty it may appear to anyone and their personal opinion.

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