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The unfortunate fact is that secular Buddhists’ right to practice as they see fit is every bit as threatened as those same rights of Buddhists from more traditional settings, as Hindus, as Muslims, as… atheists.

I dont think anyone should practice anything just as they see fit. Everyone should practice everything within one group of laws that govern all people, equally. I dont give a damn who you are, what you believe or why you think you`re special. If you fall within everyone and your bullshit falls within everything, behave. I should not have to care about what you believe, show it respect or offer it special treatment, your belief does not matter in a secular society, until it breaks the law.

I would like to see the government try to spend a little less time culture building as well. I fucking hate hockey!

Wed, 09 May 2012 02:13:03 UTC | #940653