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RDF rules! others will die at our feet. Because your delusional religious ways poison the way you see the world and it hinders your ability to navigate in it. I will not work with a creationist. I not only have contempt for your religious views, creationists, I have contempt for you; my entire family falls in the category of creationists and they need a stronger kick then I can give them and I make fun of their god and their beliefs every single day, as I am a militant atheist. They fall on their face repeatedly and I have been their to save them each time, but I am so tired.. I am trilled at the idea that when I am gone they will have the thought that the only person that cared enough about them, to actually help and loose everything for them, the only one they could call....Is burning in hell. (it will be great for their psychology.)

(I know there are creationist monitoring sites like this one; which is why I wrote this.)

Wed, 09 May 2012 06:31:16 UTC | #940684