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You may be interested in the article by Chipkin and Leat available on the website of the Helen Suzman Foundation. Search for "religion."

The embrace of Pentecostalism also allows young Afrikaners, like middle class Black South Africans, to retain basically conservative social attitudes, regarding the role of men and women in particular, without the association of Apartheid.

Pentecostalism is, locally, nothing but the type of mega-churches you refer to and which is so beloved by our idiot president.

Their "conservative social attitudes" very often coincide with those of the African Traditional Religions. The current furore about the House of Traditional Leaders wanting to remove Constitutional protection for gays is a case in point.

They will not succeed, but the taxpayer pays and pays and pays for this patently ridiculous conversation to take place in the House AND subsidizes the conversation in the mega-churches and elsewhere.

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